Maths Links


Math Dictionary - Here's an online Maths Dictionary. If you need to look up some maths terms then have a look here.

Maths Games - Lots of challenges here for you to try. Also you'll find lots of fun practise exercises, games and explanations. - Lots of maths practice here with online challenges. - Great way to get the maths brain working, and also for thinking about strategies you use for basic arithmetic.


Have a look at Maths is Fun - There are some great diagrams here, and little animations proving the theorum. You might want to do some of their examples too.

Pythagorean Theorem Games - Some revision games can be found here.

I like this water demonstration of the Pythagorean Theorem. It shows really well, how the area of the squares of the two smaller triangles are the same area as the larger triangle. Have a look at the video.