WFC Learning Together Wiki

Welcome to the WFC Learning Together Wiki. Here you will find all sorts of resources to help you with your schoolwork.

This Wiki has been designed to support the work of our Year 7, 8 and 9 students. Make sure that you visit here often so that you can make use of the resources we place here.

We are also hoping that the Wiki will become an interactive space for you to share your ideas. There will be times when you will be asked to respond to questions which will be placed onto the Wiki. Please make sure that you respond in an appropriate manner, and be respectful of the opinions of others.

We want this wiki to be useful for you, so let us know the types of resources you need. If you find a fabulous link to help with your studies, send that to us and we'll add it for you.

Please note that the pages, and resources for Maths, can be found listed at the top of the Navigation Side Bar (on your left hand side).

In the meantime here's some general resources to get you started in all of your subjects.
- Use this bibliography sheet to write down details of resources you have used for your assignments. Just copy and paste to add more boxes. Save the sheet in your Documents. It will make writing bibliographies for your assignments very easy work.

- Use this notemaking sheet to help you take notes for your assignment. Save the sheet in your Documents. - Explore this chart and discover how to evaluate the websites you find. Does the website you have found really have accurate information? - The Ergo site is an excellent resource. The Research Skills part guides you through any assignment you might be doing. The Study Skills part shows you how to organise your study time at home. Also useful for the Year 7's, is the section. This will help you when you are studying Black Snake in English. - Have a go at this Essay Map. It will help you to plan your essays out. Type in your main ideas, and your supporting details, add your introduction and conclusion, and your essay is nearly done! Print it out and there's your essay plan. Lewis P also suggested that this essay map might be great for jotting down your thoughts for debating. I think it's a great suggestion. Thanks for letting me know. - Glogster is a really fun way of making posters online. Your posters can include video, music, text and images. - The Eastern Regional Library has put together a Wiki full of weblinks, which may be useful in your assignment research. Have a look and see if your topic is there. - A great site of internet searching hints. Have a look at the Four Nets for some terrific tips on finding your perfect internet site.